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Choose your Favorite Player T-Shirt

Are you the Biggest fan of football? If yes than Connect with me because today I have one of the biggest and interesting questions for you.  It's ready tough for me to choose my best player T-Shirt because I have love two-player. One of Cristiano Ronaldo and other name is Leo Messi.  both are the top player football in the world. The playing is very well in the football world. 
So I have confused about which is my favorite player or which shirt I want to wear. I don’t know which player you choose, but I know in the world Cristiano Ronaldo has more fans all over the world.

I request to every football fan please choose your favorite player T-Shirt and support your favorite player. My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo.  Because many reasons to choose Cristiano Ronaldo but in which one his super hit goals. 
So please comment on your favorite player name.
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina gifted 600k euro Benz Brabus on 35’Th Birthday

Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoy this party with girlfriend Georgina Rodrigues and sweet son Cristiano Ronaldo share this picture with the thousands of people by his official Instagram account.
Jr, Juventus Forward Cristiano Ronaldo was open with a huge cake typing with 'CR7' to party his 35th birthday, as well as a brand new Benz Brabus which is gifted by Georgina.

Ronald Said that “its time celebrate my birthday thanks to my love for this amazing Benz Brabus gift on my birthday.” By the sporting a big smile and up the two thumbs up. The birthday cake makes complete with 'CR7' Spells, as well as a small star, and three birthday candles.
Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo gets a new Benz Brabus gift from Girlfriend Georgina Rodrigues on the birthday.  
He is very happy on the Birthday and celebrity complete birthday with Georgina Rodrigues and cute cr7 Son.

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Whether to diminution its own profits or to designedly stay its users in the moody roughly the emission dangers of raisable phones, Apple's potentate determination to forbid its users from accessing pertinent assemblage about their own phones is a open wellbeing nuisance. Electromagnetic actinotherapy (EMR) from ambulant phones and remaining devices is deed widespread eudaemonia problems, numerous of which go undiagnosed.

The thriving figure of electro-sensitivity (ES), a consideration in which EMR-producing devices, including changeable phones, justification confirmed eudaimonia problems to grow, is seemly pandemic. Headaches, reproval problems, dizziness, furniture palpitations, tinnitus, retentiveness expiration, nausea, concerted disconcert, support push, and galore additional symptoms are all associated with endless danger to EMRs, particularly from city phones.

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